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    Siñal Exhibition

      November 26-27, 2019 The meeting place for the Bioeconomy  

Aims : To have international scope

The new challenges for Sustainable Development are global. The solutions that agricultural resources can provide through their non-food applications go beyond the boundaries of a single country or even a single continent.

To be a cross-cutting and multi-sector trade fair

Offering the entire range of non-food applications of agricultural resources under one roof. The aim and added value of SIÑAL EXHIBITION, International Non-Food Trade Fair, is to present under one roof the entire range of new non-food applications for agricultural resources, covering all sectors.

Led by Cités en Champagne, in partnership with the IAR cluster, SIÑAL EXHIBITION brings together the industrial, institutional and major regional economic stakeholders. It aims to serve as a showcase for new non-food outlets for agricultural producers.

To become the benchmark “RENEWABLE” trade fair

«From field to field»

After sustainability and recycling, we have now entered the renewable age and begun to progress towards zero-carbon-emission solutions.

There is a market for the new applications of agricultural resources, servicing the new industrial requirements, which guarantee future economic development, and this goes beyond the “biorefinery” transformation process. These “green gold” agricultural resources are crops whose non-food applications help reduce the greenhouse effect, conserving the environment for future generations.

Each component of the plant is extracted or separated and, if necessary, functionalised, using different mechanical, chemical or biological processes. The value of the resulting non-food and food fractions, intermediary agri-industrial products and intermediaries in organic synthesis, is generally in inverse proportion to their volume. These fractions are then used directly or formulated to suit the end-users’ requirements. Any waste products are then used in the form of biofuels.

Sponsors et Supports

  • Prefet Grand Est
  • Iar
  • La Marne
  • Cci Grand Est
  • Cci Marne en Champagne
  • Agricultures Territoires
  • Chalons En Champagne
  • Innovation Champagne Ardenne
  • Formule Verte

With the financial support of:

  • Chalons Agglo
  • Financeur1
  • Financeur2
  • Grand Est

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