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Bioeconomy is marching on

Tuesday, May 29th 2018

Morning: Valuation of agromaterials

Which development potential of fibers and plant aggregates in the field of concretes - French Vision, European lighting
Pierre BONO, Director, Fibres Recherche Développement

Microcrystalline cellulose: Chemical structure, functionality and industrial applications
. Which substitutions and possible applications in cosmetic, coating, pharmacy, detergency, agriculture, …
Stéphane LAURENT, Innovation Manager France, JRS Rettenmaier

Valuation of food processing co-products in plastics processing
. Technical characteristics, advantages and limits of new bioplastic materials developed from the co-products of the industries
Thomas LEFEVRE, CEO, Natureplast – Biopolynov

What first teachings to pull from the ADEME study concerning the compostable plastic bags
Virginie LE RAVALEC, Bioresources Engineer, Ademe

French Bioeconomic Strategy and actions roadmap
Clémence MEYRUEY, Deputy Head of office, Bioeconomy Office, General Directorate for the Economic and Environmental Performance of Enterprises, French Ministry of Agriculture and Food

12.30am-1.50pm Lunch

Afternoon: Which Bioeconomic Strategies in Europe

German National Bioeconomy Policy Strategy: 2 complementary strategies
Dr Tilman SCHACHTSIEK, Policy Advisor, Unit Bioeconomy and Industrial Use of Biomass, German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

Bioeconomy: principles and perspectives for climate, energy and material transitions
Hans Langeveld, Director, Biomass Research, Member, Federation Bioeconomy of Netherlands

Finland Bioeconomic Strategy: how to manage the change for new innovation systems
Pia QVINTUS, Technology Manager, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland

UK Bioeconomy Strategy: Policy & Industry Perspectives
Lee BENISTON, Head of Innovation, UKRI - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Which strategy for the academic and applied research in bioeconomy
Christophe CLEMENT, Director, SFR Condorcet, URCA

Cooperation between European countries, within industrials & research for a Bioeconomic Europe 
Discussion between the speakers and the audience
Hosted by Christophe LUGUEL, Head of International Affairs, Pôle IAR

6.30pm Cocktail

Wednesday, May 30th 2018

Morning: Biobased chemistry advances

White biotechnologies for the valuation of the lignocellulose: from research to industrial transfer
. Focus on the ValBran project: Valuation of the wheat bran in surfactant molecules for uses in detergency, cosmetic, phytosanitary
Caroline REMOND, Professor, Laboratoire FARE URCA-INRA, Titulaire de la Chaire AFERE (Agroressources FERmentation Enzyme), URCA

Synthetic biology for the production of active compounds and other building block molecules for the industry. Today realizations and perspectives
Florent ALLAIS, Director, Chaire ABI AgroParisTech

Microalgae Engineering: Photosynthetic Cell Factories for the Production of Biopolymers intended for the Industry
. Synthetic biology: Potential, perspectives and interests (proteins, polysaccharides, pigments, fatty acids, ...)
Ghislaine TISSOT-LECUELLE, CEO and Founder, Alganelle

Which tools to discover and analyze new biomolecules of interest
. To allow analyses like screening or more directed for applications in pharma, cosmetics, …
. Contribute to the evaluation of the efficiency of biomolecules
Jérémy MERCIER, Chemical Engineer & Commercial Director, Chromacim

Afternoon: Cooperation: key for the biobased developments

Optimize the development of agro-molecules via Research partnerships
Alexandre BROSSE, Business Manager, Institut Carnot 3BCAR
Céline MATHIEU, Project Manager, CRT Catar
Fabrice FARRUGIA, Business Manager, Iterg

For a successful industrialization, put all the actors around the table: the example of the miscanthus industry
Applications developed in construction, packaging, automotive equipment sectors
Bernard COURTIN, Délégué Général, Biomis G3
, Directeur Achats, Albéa Tubes France
Yvon COLAUD, Directeur des Activités Commerciales, Addiplast


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