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    Siñal Exhibition

      November 24-25, 2020 The meeting place for the Bioeconomy  

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture is a set of tools, concepts and practices that promote the economic growth of agricultural cooperative farms and their competitiveness, all in respect of environmental resources and men.

Faced with a controversial and centralized conventional agriculture, this new agriculture accompanies the transformation of society as well in its values ??of sharing, collaboration, sustainability, as in its tools, digital and connected. Two branches of innovation can be distinguished: physical innovations (robots, drones, sensors, Internet of Things) and digital innovations (management software, collaborative platforms).

Complementary and interdependent, these innovations support different aspects of agricultural work: tillage, management, marketing, agricultural equipment, pooling of investments, etc. However, as in other economic sectors, the greatest innovation and the main tool of the modern farmer will be the data, the best method - peer-to-peer collaboration.


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