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      November 24-25, 2020 The meeting place for the Bioeconomy  

Agricultural materials

When we talk of the non-food applications of agricultural resources, we immediately think of material applications. Indeed, they have been used to make many different everyday objects. The sectors in which they have been used most frequently are the construction industry, new plastics, composites, packaging, etc

Research has been carried out on how to create materials similar or superior to ‘classic’ products in terms of thermal, acoustic, mechanical or molecular transport (food contact ...) constraint. The aim here is to make use of the renewable nature of these resources and especially their ability to replace fossil-based resources.

  • Plastics technology
    Plastics technology is one of the most advanced sectors in the search for alternatives to materials currently being used. Indeed, faced with the scarcity and the high price of raw materials, today there is an alternative : bioplastics, plastics derived from renewable biomass sources.
  • Construction
    Applications in the construction sector affect us all directly in our everyday lives. Increasingly frequently, new construction materials are emerging, which can be used in buildings, for insulation etc. These constitute a valuable addition to the HQE approach or so-called ‘passive building’ processes.
  • Composite materials
    The composites sector is one of the most dynamic in terms of research into agricultural materials. High-tech sectors are at the cutting edge of the implementation of new materials, which include, to varying degrees, fibres of plant origin, etc. These sectors include the automobile and aeronautics industries ...

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